HIT ALERT: Salt Ashes ‘Heart Attack’

Salt Ashes is back, back again. After receiving praise from Sir Elton John on his radio show for her pulsating dance hit ‘Didn’t See It Coming,’ Salt Ashes begins the year with a bang. For her return, Salt Ashes narrates the intense lust of longing for someone you are not supposed to get involved with.

Flirting with elements of dark, disco-esque flair fused with elements of high-quality dance music, Salt Ashes’ sound is influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Bjork, and Change, as she navigates through life-altering experiences turned into introspective lyricism.

The London-based, Brighton-born singer/songwriter has been making waves since her 2016 self-titled album. Her signature dark-dance-pop sound receives critical acclaim, with last year’s release ‘Body Say’ soaring all the way to a Top 5 position on the Music Week Pop Club chart.

However, Salt Ashes experienced applause from the legends after being played on being featured Elton John’s Rocket Hour radio show. She speaks on this milestone: “I was so overwhelmed when I got the call that Elton John was going to play my last single… And open his show with it! I’ve listened to Elton since I was little, who hasn’t! So, it’s a huge, huge honour. A dream would be a collaboration!” says Salt Ashes on the radio play.

Follow Salt Ashes’ journey now and stream ‘Heart Atttack’ out now.

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