Changes in the Gaming Trends after Gambling Legislation: Kansas

According to Deloitte’s Digital Media Trends 2020 Report, one-third of the users subscribed to a particular video game service provider for the first time ever since the pandemic began. These numbers can vary greatly by a specific age group, however, one thing is clear about the industry. This unexpected rise in demand and the developing interest in gambling, especially economically, will keep it on the rise in the following year – 2022, and the future. According to the reports of a January 2021 study, the entire cloud gaming growth was expected to climb up to around $7 billion by 2027.

Games as a Service

Just like Software as a Service (SaaS), the introduction of Games as a Service (GaaS) was conducted for the developers to monetize their video games parallel to the initial release. These games comprise a run-through and recurring revenue model for the players willing to purchase.

Microtransactions are affordable purchases that act as a means to unlock extra in-game content or 

Downloadable content with several subscription-based selections. Due to the massive amount of games being updated via remote servers, developers and players sometimes refer to such games as “live service games”. These games are organized to withstand the test of time, surviving exciting and engaging content and updating streaming directly to your device. When the game and its community continue to evolve beyond its potential start release.

Why Microtransactions?

Thanks to microtransactions, it has assisted developers to make money from players worldwide who are willing to make spending on necessities like special features and accessories. This makes the games free and automatically more appealing to players. Kansas sports betting apps are one such example of upgrades that are introducing multiple features for their players.

These sportsbook apps are bringing players from all over the world to a specific platform and updating these tech trends consistently. They are the simplest way to wager with an additional advantage of bonuses. However, microtransactions are a different way to appeal to players who are on the front step these days.

As a business model, Games as a Service looks after two target groups.

1. Players who are ready to pay to play through microtransactions.

2. Players willing to pay to play with a monthly subscription.

Kansas legalization regulations

Senate Bill 84 gives permission to four state-owned casinos to wager or place their sports bets on a digital platform or via face-to-face means. This was established under the rights and control of the popular Kansas Lottery. It is one such casino that can create and operate sportsbooks, and launch mobile platforms with a partnership of up to three online bookmakers.

This long-awaited bill finally passed House 73-49. This happened while the Senate was voted 21-13 and was in favor of him throughout the closing veto session.

The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission and the Kansas Lottery share oversight of sports betting. People placing their bets on the casino platform have to be physically situated in Kansas and must be at least 21 years of age.

Additional Upgrades to the Gaming Model

In-game Advertising

Advertising is all about quality and quantity. Ad formats must be engaging, informative, and innovative. Most importantly, these forms should not be disruptive to the gaming mechanics or the overall experience. Full-screen gaming ads usually cover the entire interface which annoys users to a great extent. The recent trend deals with a smarter ad structure fostering playable ads that can be considered for in-game advertising.

Seasonal Digital Pass

If a player is dedicated and committed to a particular game, a seasonal digital pass works the best. With this pass, you don’t need to pay for each game separately. Players can straightaway pay an upfront fee and slide into it for the year. Games offer an exclusive variety in content, features, and functions to digital pass holders. This is another amazing alternative to building loyalty.

In-app Purchases

According to official reports, in-app purchases of $36.6 billion in H1 2020 out of the total $50.1 billion were generated within the gaming structure. There is a reason why one can consider microtransactions as a popular and effective means for both developers and players. Gamers can make free purchases of the content through in-app purchases and developers can effectively grow their demand. This creates growth in the income as well and gamers remain loyal to the game.

Bottom Line

Kansas is a state popular for sports betting but the growing trends in the domain of the entire gaming industry is becoming evident. All thanks to the upgrades in the gaming mechanism. Those initial hours in any game are significant, if you gain players you gain their loyalty. And, this can be possible by incorporating new trends and tech innovative player experience boosters throughout. If you have convinced the player to invest in your game and vice-versa, the purpose for both developers and gamers is solved. Remember microtransactions have become a revenue source for the developers and investing source for the players.

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