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The Best Game Soundtracks Ever Made

What goes into making a good game? There are a number of factors, and all of these come together to create classics. They include the likes of storyline, graphics, gameplay, and of course, the soundtrack.

The music that accompanies a game is incredibly important not only when it comes to the game being recognisable but also because it helps to build an atmosphere in the game that you’re playing. There is a reason why gaming headphones are so expensive and sought after, and it’s because of the fact people recognise what good sound and music can do for a game.

So, what are some of the best gaming soundtracks out there? This article is going to discuss them in more detail.

Dota 2

Many gaming soundtracks have iconic theme songs, but Dota 2 goes a different route than that. Dota 2 is probably one of the most popular games in the world of online gaming, especially within the world of competitive gaming, with people even placing bets on Dota 2 games. You can visit the best Dota 2 eSports crypto betting site in order to place these bets and enjoy everything that Dota 2 has to offer if that’s something you’d find appealing.

The soundtrack very much contributes to the game’s hype as it is made up of a number of different scores, each of which varies in tone and pace. All of these soundtracks are triggered by in-game events that are centred around a player’s actions within the game. This means that whatever is happening in the game gets reciprocated by the soundtrack, which is a great addition to the overall effect the game can have.

Super Mario Bros

Koji Kondo is responsible for what is most likely the most iconic soundtrack of all time. Who doesn’t hear the opening “da da dum da da dum DUM!” and immediately recognise it as their favourite Italian plumber about to go on an adventure? People have even joked in the past that the theme song is so good and iconic that it should replace the current national anthem of Japan.

Koji has been able to even set up a space version of the theme which gave him more freedom to work with it. As this plays throughout the game, the wave of 8-bit and excitement is one that you will only ever get in the classic game of Mario.


Staying within the classic genre of game, the next soundtrack on the list has to be that of Tetris. Classics don’t really come much more famous than Tetris, and though the simplicity of the game is a big part of this, an equally notable factor is the notorious theme song that plays throughout. Its pleasantness plus its intensity all come together to make the perfect backdrop for a perfect game.


There is no doubt that a lot of different elements go into making a great computer game, but one of the most important aspects has to be the soundtrack. Some have iconic theme songs, and others have excellent variations depending on what is happening in the game. In any case, the above article discusses some of the best titles representing what music and games can do when blended in perfect harmony.

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