OUT NOW: Jazmine Flowers ‘detached’

In the blurry world of flirting, one-night-stands, and getting carried away in the excitement of a temporary display of affection, unintentional attachments and feelings might develop. The rising alt-R&B star Jazmine Flowers reveals her take on this phenomenon with a new single ‘detached’ out now. 

The 22-year-old Brixton-born, Oxford-raised singer/songwriter keeps up with an incredible chain of releases, with an authentic presentation and star-worthy stage presence. ‘detached’ portrays more Flowers’ cheeky side as she gets seductive with alluring arrangements and one-of-kind vocals. 

Jazmine Flowers opens up about what inspired ‘detached’: ‘Detached’ was inspired, simply, by the word detached… I love the image of that classic film scene; the character wakes up the morning after a one-night stand, their arm is stuck under the person they hooked up with, they have to wriggle and slide it out without them noticing, then run out the house! I thought it was a funny concept for a song!”

On her latest project, ‘Adulting,’ Jazmien Flowers provided her conceptual soundtrack to growing up, about the things they don’t tell you about via thought-provoking tracks like ‘This Isn’t Happiness’ and ‘not my friends.’ 

This Summer was memorable for Flowers’ career, as she performed at the BST Hyde Park and the iconic Reading & Leeds Festival. 

Stream ‘detached’ out now.

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