NEW RELEASE: Juna N Joey ‘More Than A Maybe’

Pop-country duo Juna N Joey get real about the unnerving feelings that can fill you with butterflies as you try and speak to that first high-school crush in their dazzling new single, ‘More Than A Maybe’.

The star-spangled guitars create the perfect upbeat and energetic tone for what the song needs. The duo’s vulnerable yet fun lyrics, perfectly stand out with incredible vocal harmonies. 

As a guy, it takes courage to ask a girl out on a date and face potential rejection. On the other hand, you have to just do it and ask them out and you are hoping for anything but a hard no even if it is “More Than A Maybe”. My favourite line to sing is: There’s a little movie playing in my head and the other line is: It’s gonna be a night that we will never forget.” says Joey, on his own thoughts of the single.

The single follows the release of ‘’Til Your Heartbreaks’, a much more heartfelt single that dropped back in October of last year. ‘More Than A Maybe’ is the single that fans have eagerly been waiting for. ‘More Than A Maybe’ also marks the third taste of their upcoming debut album.

The Country sibling duo, are currently on a tour across the UK, performing and talking to pupils in secondary schools across the country. The aim is to talk to children about the importance of mental health, talking about bullying. An inspiring young pair, that are using their platform to help.

Listen below:

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