William Hinson, With Over 7 million Streams On Spotify, Releases 90s Inspired ‘She’s Hot’ Today.

This indie pop singer songwriter has a new single and it’s heavily inspired by music of the 90s. This is a recurring theme for William Hinson who is heavily inspired by sounds from the decades that have come before him and has a unique ability to use those inspirations to create something that is very contemporary.

Before now, he has released songs as diverse as ‘George Harrison’, a pastiche of the Beatles ‘And I Love Her’, and ‘I Can’t Think For Myself’ a 50’s Doo Wop song which he performed at Sofar Sounds in Charlotte. Forward wind to today and this exciting artist is releasing ‘She’s Hot’, a song that taps into the resurgence of 90’s pop and is written, produced, recorded and mixed by the artist himself. 

This cheeky song tells the story of a time when William was a confidante to a friend who didn’t realise how great she was; the age old conversations that occur between friends when one of them is under the misguided impression that they are in some way not worthy. It feels very much like this could have been a tale of unrequited love where the protagonist is fully aware of how great the friend is because they appreciate that other person more than the friend realises.

Whether a tale of unrequited love or just a very supportive friend, we must all have been in that position when we’ve had to make someone we care about aware of just how great they are. It’s very much a contemporary love song in that while the friend trawls the internet for her perfect match, there is someone standing right in front of her who realises just how great she is.

Vivid imagery is supported by lyrics like:

“she called me on a weekday, to tell me about a boy, from the internet. I told her she was worth it and that guy was insane; maybe try again” 

You can feel that the protagonist is suffering as much as the friend, it’s literally a tale as old as time and the source of some of our favourite romantic comedies.

A nostalgic 12 string guitar melody drives the sonic element of the track but the jaunty, amusing and yet poignant lyrics tell a very contemporary story about the frustration of how hunting for love on the internet can be such a draining experience.

That constant feeling of frustration that you must be doing something wrong because it works for everyone else; and the artist provides the remedy…. look closer to home. 

William Hinson lists The Beatles, The 1975, John Mayer and Hall & Oates as his biggest influences and there are elements of all those influences in this track which initially appeals melodically and then gets under your skin lyrically. The feel good vibe of the track sits comfortably with what could be seen as a sad story but the upbeat feel of the song makes me sure that there will be a happy ending in the future for the protagonists in the song and for this talented artist.

William is someone who started making music in his childhood basement but has now progressed to a point where he has an impressive cult following. This new era is launched in style with a song that fuses all of his eclectic influences together both melodically and lyrically to create a sound that manages to be both nostalgic and yet hugely contemporary. Music that sounds like it would be happy on your Walkman all those years ago but which demands to be streamed and added to your Summer playlist right now.

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