Album Review: Irish Christian Band We Are Messengers Give The Message Of Their Latest Album ‘Wholehearted’

On top of the global isolation, artists worldwide had to come to terms with a live show hiatus. As crippling as this experience may have been, musicians seriously dedicated to the craft have chosen to write their way through this confusing period rather than submerging into the unknown. 

Irish-American formation We Are Messengers, with frontman Darren Mulligan, chose the route of music, all documented on their third full-length album ‘Wholehearted,’ featuring the K-Love Fan Award-winning group’s current single ‘Come What May’ and their previously released instant hits ‘God You Are (feat. Josh Baldwin) and ‘Freind Of Sinners’. 

‘Wholehearted’ encapsulates a 12-track long journey through an experience nobody could predict. We Are Messengers put their own spin on an instruction manual based on their own understanding of a global pandemic. The band offers their interpretation and coping mechanisms with the Covid-installed darkness. Exemplary lyrics: “faithful at my worst,” “pain takes time to heal, so take all you need.”

Darren Mulligan explains more on the deeply personal ‘Wholehearted’:

“Like most artists, our world kinda fell apart when touring got shut down. So we did what every good songwriter should do, we catalogued every feeling imaginable and tried to make sense of a strange new world. We danced in the darkness, wrestled with doubt, reconnected with God in a really authentic way, and found the beauty in the forced simplicity of our lives.”

With Mulligan’s involvement as a featured co-writer on each of the project’s original tracks, the official ‘Wholehearted’ music videos were all filmed in Mulligan’s hometown to showcase the lead singer’s native Ireland. 

‘Wholehearted’ is out now. 

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