RoseeLu Is Back And This Time She’s ‘Overthinking’ Things As She Kicks Into 2022.

Roseelu is one of the most exciting artists of the Nordics and it won’t be long before she starts to get the recognition that she deserves internationally.

She was everywhere last year releasing four singles in less than eight months which went into heavy rotation on Danish radio and having an unreleased song clocking up billions of streams sound tracking a Victoria’s Secret campaign which managed to hugely raise her profile on the international blogosphere, the space where careers can be made in modern music.

It seems that she is doing everything right but that has to be fuelled by quality and that is exactly what this young singer is doing.

Her brand new song, ‘Overthinking’, is another step in the right direction, building on her excellent singles of last year. It’s a song about a young, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants from life but appreciates how things can be sent in the wrong direction. She says of the song:

“Most of the time, I’m totally aware of my own thoughts and I know how to control them- make them mine and turn them into positive vibes and self-care. But sometimes, I doubt. Then all these unconscious, irrational thoughts take over my head and make me hypersensitive. I know, I’m not the only one overthinking life, so I had to write a song about it.”

For me there is real development as an artist with every release and that’s not to take anything away from previous releases because regular followers will know I’m a real fan of this young artist and I think she is destined for big things. So many of today’s female artists owe a debt of gratitude to Alanis Morissette who’s seminal album ‘Jagged Little Pill’ almost created the blueprint for artists like P!nk and Taylor Swift, and I feel a real influence here as Roseelu’s vocals have developed and she leans into a pleasing guitar backdrop. 

Lyrically too, there’s a message and humour. Lines like “I do overthink everything you say, am I good enough? I say crazy stuff, for your applause and approval. I do overthink….at least I think!” show self-reflection and an awareness of the need to please at a personal level, but I can’t help thinking that as an artist there’s probably a nod to how difficult it is to please everybody all the time and to overthink her music.

The line “at least I think” is filled with humour, confidence and a real attitude that tells you that this is an intelligent young woman, thinking about what she wants to say. Alanis would approve! But, alongside that attitude, there’s vulnerability too as she declares: “Even a complement can make me cry”. This, for me, makes her music so accessible and relatable whatever your gender, age or musical taste; everyone can relate to what Roseelu is trying to say because who is not guilty of overthinking everything these days as we emerge, mole like, from a global pandemic hole back into the light of a new social normal.

It must seem an age since Roseelu left home, quit high school and followed her dream of becoming a full time musician by moving to Copenhagen at the tender age of 17 after growing up to the sound of her Dad’s piano. She is brave, ambitious and independent and she has a voice and a song writing ability that simply gets better and better. I love this new single, I’m excited by her creativity and direction and I can’t wait to see what else Roseelu has in store for 2022, or am I starting to overthink that?

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