Dance-Pop Singer/Songwriter Maddox Jones Teases New Album With New Single ‘Ready To Be Better’

We all end up in situations where we might be at mental crossroads with ourselves. On New Year’s Eve, prior to the pandemic, dance-pop singer/songwriter Maddox Jones found himself ready for change, ready for redemption. To understand this urge in more depth, he picked up his guitar and wrote his most recent single, ‘Ready To Be Better’.

His solo career is only beginning as Maddox Jones spent years playing in bands and supporting names like Placebo and The Killers. It wasn’t until 2020 Jones shared his solo debut EP ‘Headspace’ that reached #4 in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart.

Knowing his way around the industry, it all kind of snowballed from there. The Follow-up single, ‘Can’t-Wait for the Summer,’ hit the top spot on the same chart, and this year Maddox Jones was named as an artist to watch by BBC Introducing Northampton.

‘Ready To Be Better’ is the third single out of Jones’ forthcoming debut album ‘Believe It’ that is due to be released on April 8th via Radikal Records. ‘Ready To Be Better’ uses its up-tempo disco-pop sound to soundtrack the feeling of awakening within us and the evolution of the human psyche.

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