Beth Keeping Is ‘Not Looking for a Friend’ But This New Song Will Certainly Get Her A Few New Ones.

Beth Keeping is a UK based singer songwriter who has quietly been getting on with the business of making good music. Inspired by artists such as Lauv, Julia Michaels and John Mayer and with a style that certainly gives a nod towards artists like Taylor Swift, Beth has been writing for artists as far flung as Singapore, Ireland and the USA. The pandemic has given her a real chance to build a critical and responsive fan base with a combined response of over a million views on TikTok. With the pandemic drawing to a close, or at least with life becoming slightly more free, Beth has decided to start focussing on own music and this new single ‘Not Looking for a Friend’ is a great step towards turning that social media success into tangible musical success.

‘I’m Not Looking for a Friend’ is a single that explores situationships and self-confidence. With the influence from electro producer Zedd shining through, the empowering, liberating track has all the ingredients to become a firm favourite. It takes a vocal that I first discovered with the song ‘San Francisco’ and takes it into a song that is full of melody, playful synths and sing-a-long lyrics. It is a glimpse of the daffodils peeking out of the wintry ground, a song full of the sincerity that always shines through Beth’s music.

Beth says of the track:

“It’s about being clear on what you want and intentional about going after it. It recognises that friendships can gradually develop into something more, and this process can be complicated and confusing, but you can’t sit in that space forever- eventually you have to make a decision either way”.

Nowadays, modern dating seems to be so much more of a challenge despite the ability to make contact with so many more people via social media and dating apps. The problem seems to be that the individual can be so focussed on the image they are creating, or the lifestyle they are projecting that they lose sight of the fact that the most effective way to create any relationship is to be in touch with who you really are, and what you really want. Beth Keeping sees this work as essentially a song that challengers people to be more intentional and open about what they want and in so doing creating reality out of fiction and a far greater chance to meet someone that will suit you.

The artist’s desire to champion and empower women is given form not only by her art but from her initiative, ‘Write Like a Girl’, which shines a spotlight on female songwriters. Created in 2018, it has grown quickly with two UK tours and sell out shows in the round style in London, Newcastle and Bristol. The fact that less than 20 percent of UK songwriters are women means that this initiative will give a unique voice to the writer’s art in this country. It will encourage more women, and for that matter men too, to write songs.

I’m proud to support Beth in this initiative and love this new song. Please check out this exciting artist, listen to her music and look at her socials about ‘Write Like a Girl’. In Beth Keeping, we have an outstanding talent with a clear vision.

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