PREMIERE: Carly Burns ‘Won’t Fall Apart’

For fans of pop icons such as Becky Hill, Little Mix and Dua Lipa, there is only one name that they should be paying close attention to right now and that is of Newcastle’s very own Carly Burns. Having already started making a name for herself: working with a multitude of diverse and exceptional artists from Plan B, Denise Van Outen to Duncan James, alongside her enthralling and heartwarming performance on ITV’s Walk The Line, where she not only unveiled her incredible songwriting and captivating vocals, but also her outstanding confidence, charisma and her passion for performing. With Carly’s ability to harness her emotions and express them into powerful and alluring tracks, she creates something so personal; yet, she does it in a way that becomes something so familiar and touching to anyone listening.

Out today the 21st of January, Burns’ releases her debut spectacle ‘Won’t Fall Apart’, an astounding pop marvel, flourishing with infectious dance rudiments, “inspired by the strength of letting go”. It is of no surprise to hear that dance music has held a special place in Burns’ heart throughout her life when listening to this track, with the 4-to-the-floor house beat, trance-like reverse cymbals, the oscillating and grooving baseline, the liquid synths, her mesmerising soulful vocals, it fills near impossible not to get up and dance to this track. There is so much that Carly Burns has done right with her debut single, from the songwriting to the energy and performance and even the production is just wondrous.

It won’t be long before Carly Burns’ tracks are playing at the next club or party you’re at. Carly does still have an insanely long way to go before her name is up there with the likes of Dua Lipa and Years & Years, but it is without question that she has the potential as long as she keeps coming out with tracks like this.

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