The Essential Advent Calendar: December 25

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 25 – Time For Something New: Sarah Reeves Releases ‘More The Merrier’ This Christmas

Are you bored of all the chart-topping old Christmas music? Are you looking for something new for a change? We’ve got you. Nashville-based pop sensation Sarah Reeves releases her second Christmas EP titled ‘More The Merrier.’ 

Sarah Reeves has had an incredible career so far, getting signed at the age of 18, dabbling with various genres, one of them being dance music. Her voice stood out on collaborations alongside high-profile DJs such as Laidback Luke, GATTÜSO, Justice Skolnik. 

On top of her singing career, Sarah Reeves has written for platforms like ‘American Idol’ and UFC and on television series across major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Netflix. Despite her ability to adapt, Sarah Reeves seems the most comfortable with Christmas music. 

After putting out her first Christmas EP, Reeves knew there would be more in the future. ‘More The Merrier’ is an 8-track long bundle of warmth, joy, and happiness. The songstress covers some of her favourites, including ‘Winter Wonderland’ featuring Clark Beckham, ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’, and ‘My Favorite Thing.’ 

However, it is her original writing that takes the spotlight. The title track, as well as the first song off the EP sets the mood with Christmassy references and holiday cheer, but ‘Go Tell On The Mountain’ will make everyone jump out of their seats. Knowing how lonely this time of the year could be for some people, Reeves also strips it back on ‘Sentimental.’ 

Add ‘More The Merrier’ to your Christmas playlists; you will not regret it.

Sarah Reeves’ New EP ‘More The Merrier’ is out now. You can find her online on Instagram.

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  1. The vocalist performs her renditions of some of her all-time favorites, such as “Winter Wonderland” starring Clark Beckham, “Holly Jolly Christmas,” and “My Favorite Thing.”

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