Stefy De Cicco and N.F.I Close The Year With ‘Look What You Have Done’

Revealing another brilliantly produced record for Universal Music Germany this week is Stefy De Cicco and N.F.I, with the former releasing a slew of quality dance music for the label throughout the year. The Italian, with millions of streams to her name, has worked remotely on ‘Look What You Have Done’ with the UK/Australian producer N.F.I, and then enlisted Lithuanian vocalist Emie to feature as a top-liner.

What we have here is a dynamic and soulful contribution from all involved. De Cicco is known for her style that incorporates dark, punchy basslines, whilst N.F.I is able to draw out a memorable melody that fits perfectly with Emie’s vocals.

Stefy De Cicco had this to say about the single:  

“It was awesome working on the production with N.F.I because we were able to truly complement each other. He had these super catchy hooks in there so I started by adding my signature bass and then we ended up virtually working together and finishing the production online – the magic of modern technology!“

Listen now!

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