Liv Austen Is Releasing A Beautiful Reworking Of Fan Favourite ‘The Guts You Always Had’ As A Christmas Gift To Her Fans After A Year Of No Releases.

For the first time in her career since her debut EP in 2014, Liv Austen has not released any new music and so it is with great joy that today she releases a song that goes back to where it all started. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing this outstanding artist live will know and recognise this song. In fact, there’s a good chance they know the words by heart as it’s not unusual for fans to sing this one back at their hero.

“This is the first song I had a whole room full of people sing back to me” says Liv, recalling a sold out Manchester gig on a first live show at the venue. Since then, it’s a common occurrence for this song to create a communion like atmosphere as fans sing the hugely moving lyrics along with Liv. She never tires of that reaction as the song is one that is very close to her, and obviously everyone else’s, heart. She says: “It’s clear that this one has touched something in people. I’ve had people message me or come up to me and tell me who this song is about for them-their sibling, parent, child, even late spouse. It is incredibly moving to know I’ve written a song that can be so intimate to someone else”.

The new release is a reworking of the beloved piano ballad, ‘The Guts You Always Had’, from Liv’s first EP and is a song that seems to be the perfect release at this time. The world has changed so much since it’s release and Liv is excited to see how the song will resonate with new fans and old fans alike as they listen to it as we all battle our way through so much uncertainty, and with so many people mourning loved ones as they approach possibly a first family Christmas without somebody they’ve lost during the pandemic.

Liv says: “I am curious to see how ‘Guts’ fits in now. The world has changed a lot since I wrote it, and so have I. But I still love it so much.”

Liv has added hugely to her fan base over the years since the release of the EP and new fans who have only recently joined Liv on her journey will enjoy this new release. When Liv signed her record deal, she made the difficult decision to take down her two independent EP releases before that. This wasn’t because she didn’t like the old songs but because she felt they had done their job of introducing her to the world but didn’t represent where she was as an artist as well as her album, ‘A Moment of Your Time’.

Long-time fans will remember this song well and will probably have the EP’s to listen to but Liv always felt bad that new fans were unable to access this song in particular. So, this reworking features Liv on vocals and piano and her partner and producer Jon Wright on guitar as they sing this obviously personal and heartfelt song.

It’s a song that Liv wrote about her relationship with her older sister as she declares love, admiration and thanks for a woman who has been a lifelong role model and beacon for Liv, simply by always just being her. The song might be hugely personal to Liv, but I defy anyone not to be drawn into how the lyrics lend themselves so well to how we feel about that special person in our life who is always there for us.

At a time when we can’t even be sure if we will share Christmas with our loved ones, and tragically for many as we approach a holiday season without someone we loved for the first time, I can’t think of a better way to tell someone how you feel about them than to send this release to them. We are not all as talented as Liv in getting our thoughts and words across so let music and Liv be that conduit.

The reasons so many people resonate with this song are clear as you listen and I hope that this release will be a gateway to the music of a woman who never gives anything but all of herself to her work. Thank you Liv for this wonderful gift, thank you for your music and Merry Christmas from us to you. For many people out there, the reason they sing this back at you is because these words sum up how they feel about an artist that puts their feelings into words. For anyone that wants to feel the full force of the emotion of this song, the feeling of musical communion, then please join with Liv at 6pm UK time today on YouTube and if you want to sing along I suggest you stream it now.

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