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There are more than 3.5 billion social media users, and Instagram alone has almost a billion users. This is no surprise that individuals and brands are beginning to adopt this channel as part of their marketing campaign. Everyone interested in reaching out to a large audience in a short period without spending too much need to adopt social media channels, there are other channels such as Facebook and YouTube, but Instagram seems to drive more engagement and better relationship between a brand and its audience.

To have a good following on Instagram, you need to have an amazing engagement with your audience; there are several ways to boost your engagement automatically, and you can check this website to learn more about the benefits of such services. Nevertheless, we will still explore other organic methods to use in increasing your engagement on Instagram.

Social media channels have beefed up their algorithm to favour those who are reaching out organically to their audience. When you improve your Instagram page organically, you can easily identify your top-performing content and influencers with whom you can work together. Also, combining these organic methods with paid strategy will yield a better result.

We will discuss eight proven tips to increase your engagement on Instagram organically.


One of the first pieces of advice you will receive from any expert or blog about increasing your engagement on Instagram is to focus on quality content over quantity. Quality content can be classified as content that is compelling and exciting to your audience. Your content should provide value to your followers. A high-quality article isn’t just about writing with good grammar and punctuations; it is about providing value.

With more than 100 million posts uploaded every day, we can say Instagram shares the same similarity with a market; and we know that a market is a noisy place, meaning Instagram is also a noisy place with contents and uploads flying everywhere. Just like other social channels, Instagram is also a visual platform; hence, your feeds need to be attractive at first glance. It isn’t just about posting stock photos; your feed needs to be unique and engaging; this is the easiest way to gain more following and engagement on the platform.

Quality content is real and authentic, shows that behind the scenes look, and can easily create an attachment between you and your audience. Instagram stories is a great way to share these contents, especially those that show the behind the scenes views, updates, and unique uploads. High-quality content means perfection, and it is an amazing and one of the best tips to organically increase engagement on Instagram.


Since Instagram introduced its Instagram stories, there are more than 500 million stories created daily. This Instagram feature of sharing your update online is becoming more and more popular and has proven to be an effective way of increasing engagement.

As we mentioned above in the first tip, the Instagram story is where you can share your updates and life moments with your audiences. The good thing is that this feature appears at the top of the Instagram feed; you don’t need to make any ad payment or boost. This is an incredible way to connect with your audience.

Instagram stories aim to share life update and real-time experiences, despite the fact these stories last for only 24 hours, its impact last longer. You can also pin these stories in your profile highlights; this will enable your visitors or new followers to play them again whenever they visit your page. Stories can be images or pictures, but for a better impact, we recommend videos. Here you can learn more ways to use Instagram stories to increase engagement.


Any Instagram user can use Instagram stories; hence your audiences can also post their life moments and updates on their Instagram stories. Thus it’s important to always upload contents that are shareable and can be reposted on Instagram stories. This method is just like equipping your infantry and sending them to war; its impact is unprecedented. You will be surprised that thousands or millions of your followers will share these updates on their Instagram stories and feed; this can make your content go viral and gain more followers.

Whenever you create content, your aim should be to make the content you believe your audience will want to repost or share. These contents should be related to what your audience likes. Use fun memes or memorable quotes. Can’t you learn more ways to create shareable content? Click the link


Instagram caption grants its users a lot of space; you can enter up to 2,200 characters; this is big enough to contain the captions you intend to share with your audience.

Just like YouTube gives preferences to accounts with longer playtime, Instagram also ranks accounts that keep its audience glued to their page for a long time. Hence, one of the easiest tricks to improve your engagement on Instagram is to write longer captions.

A research carried out by a team of marketing experts showed that the average length of posted captions has doubled since 2016, and those who joined this trend of increasing their caption length got more engagement.


The importance of hashtags cannot be overemphasized; they can destroy and also make your Instagram account. Understanding hashtags is an important method of improving engagement on your page.

You should manually study your hashtags or use tools that can help you analyze your hashtags and pick the most performing ones. Locate the post that brought more engagement and extract the hashtags used. Try using these hashtags on another post, and your engagement will unfailingly increase.

Learn to filter your Hashtags analytics by using metrics such as likes, impressions, comments, and saves. This will surely produce the most effective hashtags to use for other of your posts. A strong hashtag will bring more impression and attention to your page.

Instagram is a competitive place, but you can still increase your engagement by paying attention to these tips we’ve provided in this article. Hence, when next you are planning to increase engagement on your website, try to pay more attention to your winning hashtags.

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Instagram is similar to blogging, you can’t just create a single post or rarely create content, and you expect your engagement to magically increase. You need to post regularly; this is the best way to increase your chances of becoming popular on the network.

Posting consistently will improve the connection and trust between you and your audience; it also keeps you as their top priority whenever they visit Instagram. You know how you are so excited to see what the news is saying; that’s how anticipating your fans are. They always want to see something new; hence if you refuse to update them regularly with good content, they will redirect their energy to other brands.

Your audience will suddenly develop this trust and treat your page like their favourite blogs or newsletter where they get genuine and quality information.

You can’t just post randomly; you need to understand your audience demographics things such as the country that holds the majority of your audience, their active time, and their sleeping. You can’t afford to post content at 3 am when your audience is sleeping; your content will slide down to the bottom of their feed when they wake because other sensible brands are aware of the importance of posting at the right time. You can use Instagram insights and other tools to find the optimal time to post on Instagram.

Instagram insights show you when your audience is most likely to be active. Although you may not be able to post several times in a day like big brands, this may not be a sustainable step; you can post a single piece of content daily or four times a week.

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You can also use automation tools to schedule your post in batches and upload it to your feed at the most convenient time for your audience. Instagram will rank your page if your post receives engagement regularly, find the best time to work, and set a schedule. You can use the insight feature only if you have a business account, so try to open an Instagram business account.


Cross-posting your content to other platforms is an effective way to increase your Instagram engagement. Instagram gives users the ability to post their content to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

You can also promote your Instagram account across other marketing channels such as your blogs, emails, and other social networks. This is a great way to improve your account organically.

Cross-promoting your content gives your Instagram page more exposure and engagement; it will attract people who may never have had to opportunity to visit your page directly through the platform.

You can easily cross-promote by writing blog posts that expand on the idea or concept you shared on your Instagram feed. You can also mention your account in your YouTube video or drop a link in your YouTube profile. You can also update your email signature with a link to your Instagram profile.


With the recent launch of IGTV, brands need to rapidly step up their game in producing video/visual content. Although IGTV is new, it is becoming more popular, and Instagram is seriously trying to improve and promote the platform. IGTV is where brands can publish their video content no matter how long the display time maybe. This is an upgrade to its Instagram stories and a good edge to battle its competitor YouTube.

IGTV allows numerous tagging and drives more attention to your Instagram content and promotions. Hence, if you are not investing in videos, you need to start doing that right now.

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