Up Next: Leo Sawikin ‘Born Too Late’

Make way for what might just be your new favourite song, from a singer that needs to be taken seriously. Leo Sawiken, formerly of The Chordaes, is an artist, poet, multi-talented musician, native New Yorker and expert melody maker. Who also knows his way round a nifty blazer. And his latest drop, ‘Born Too Late’, is a Talk Talk-esque, rock-light delight. 

‘I wanted something with a lot of up-tempo energy,’ says Leo, adding, ‘it was inspired by the general feeling of hopelessness and lack of control that have defined the last few years.’ Which sounds counter-intuitive and a little maudlin, but it’s an era-defining narrative that he addresses with total panache. And it just so happens to be catchy as hell.

With Leo’s lifelong reverence of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Burt Bacharach and a whole load of disco and soul informing his music, his album Row Me Away was always onto a winner, but which each new drop we just keep getting more and more enamoured. Get to know Born Too Late, because it sparkles. 

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