Scarlette ft. J R Richards Release The Brilliant And Powerful ‘Where I Belong’ From Her Forthcoming Album

If we ever needed an anthem to bring us flying out of a global pandemic, this stunning song could have been written for just that. A song about ending each day with the one you love in a place where you can feel safe and build for the future seems, on the surface, to be just that song.

“I can see clear skies, feel fair winds, laying just ahead” is a mantra of hope after the months of uncertainty we’ve all faced.

This guitar driven but beautifully orchestrated song is at its heart a love song dedicated to UK artist Scarlette’s wife Ezel and the solidity that this love has brought to a life previously fraught with upheaval and heartache. I’ve followed Scarlette for some time and to see her continue her return to music with a song as powerful as this one fills me with a joy, and a belief that there can be a happy ending.

Helping to bring this stunning ballad to life is the exceptional J R Richard’s, an American singer songwriter of huge note and ex lead singer of platinum selling rock band Dishwalla. He brings a richness to the track in his vocals that adds a delightfully balanced foil to Scarlette’s easy power as her voice soars. The combination of bringing these acclaimed artists together has resulted in a Country duet that will find huge favour across all genres of music, after all the story of love should be free of all preconception and never put in any one box. This single is a musical protestation of a love that can transcend and deliver.

“As long as each day’s end brings me home to you, then I’m where I belong” is one of the most searingly honest and heartfelt things that anyone can say to another. Ending each day with the person most important to you is all we need to power onwards through life.

As the song builds from simple hand percussion to its string driven climax, we can feel the emotions building into the celebration of love, the anthem, this song is. it’s a song about finding the one that allows us fly, the one that helps us break the ties and disappointments of the past, puts a broken heart together and moves us forward.

Scarlette says:

“My life so far has been a pretty intense rollercoaster, I’ve definitely had my fair share of heartache and loss which was the inspiration behind most of my songs from my first two albums. I wouldn’t go back to being in my twenties for all the tea in China! Thankfully, my thirties have brought me my wife Ezel and as a result so much love and joy. ‘Where I Belong’ is a song dedicated to my wife and this story ends with me getting the girl and a happy ever after”

Influenced by and infatuated by headstrong women in music like Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston, Scarlette says:

“Even though they’re from different genres, they all have one thing in common; their music is raw and comes straight from the heart. That’s exactly what you get from me”

Following on from comeback single ‘Gone is Good’, released earlier this year, this new song is also from her upcoming album. Most of the new album was written in Nashville and has been produced by J R Richards and also features Leslie Satcher who has written for the likes of George Strait, Martina McBride and Vince Gill, to name a few.

This record feels like this super talented UK singer songwriter may have found, in her new love, the muse she needed to create the best music of her life and I can’t wait to see her play live and also to hear the new album. Scarlette has graced the stages of Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Apollo and, of course, The Bluebird Café. I’m sure with music like this single she’ll be back on those stages soon with a whole new bunch of fans.

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