Fritch – ‘We Lose Our Cool’

Opening with eerie vocals that bring to mind Bowies ‘Black Star’, UK based band Fritch create a complex and layered soundscape in their new single ‘We Lose Our Cool’ which is due for release on the 1st October. 

The first of a trio of singles leading up to their new album, ‘We Lose Our Cool’ is as unnerving as it is comforting, with the glossy piano at odds with the dissonant vocals. A song of two halves, ‘We Lose Our Cool’ builds through piano and synth textures to culminate in a shifting soundscape that feels close to resolution, leaving you with a sense of closure.  Rippling synths create a fluid murmur throughout the track’s ending as the vocals fade away, like haze being burned from a sunny day. 

What begins as a warning of a love close to loss in the heat of an argument’s cool-off, slowly weaves into new sets of textures.” explains Fritch, who are able to perfectly capture the swell and ebb of emotion.

Although the vocals have a slightly unnerving effect to the start of the song, ‘We Lose Our Cool’ is an intricate meshing together of sounds and feelings, that resolves to a sense of calm, highlighting the band’s mastering of portraying emotions through song.

Fritch maintain their ability to create a sense of wonder and lush isolation with ‘We Lose Our Cool’ which follows on from their 2020 debut ‘How’s the View There’. Born on a laptop in the United States and Vietnam, Fritch found a home in England and South Wales. An ever evolving collective, the band weaves together Dream Pop, Dark Wave, Post Punk and Shoegaze. Their debut album was released with Russia’s Other Voices Records and UK label Rats on the RunTheir upcoming album, featuring ‘We Lose Our Cool’, is due to land November 2021.

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