Copenhagen Based Newcomer mags Releases New Single ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ Today Ahead Of Her EP Later This Autumn.

Last year mags released a critically acclaimed self-titled album and it really served to whet the appetite for more music from this self-reflective and honest songwriter. She then set the international music sites alight with her last song ‘I can’t get over you’.

Very much a product of everything that is exciting about the music coming out of Scandinavia in recent years and especially Denmark at the moment, mags released her debut EP ‘conversations I’ve had with myself’ back in 2019 and then followed it up with the brilliant debut album ‘mags’ in 2020. Obviously inspired by artists like Robyn, she has taken her poetic origins and merged them with electronic pop to bring something that melody wise is impossible not to enjoy but also has managed to weave very personal, reflective and honest lyrics into the magic. The result is music that seems to literally be getting better and better as mags comes to terms with her undoubted talent.

Her album features ten stories of searing honesty and individuality but also ten songs of perfect pop which brings to mind Lady Gaga and Britney at their best. The duality of merging the poetic stories of real life and the pop based melodies of her songs is something that manages to feel extraordinarily fresh and deep at the same time. She likes to style herself with lower case letters in an almost understated kind of way but the music that she is making certainly seems to be turning heads amongst producers who have worked with some of the best singers in the world. Brian Kierulf, who has worked with Lady Gaga and Britney, was keen to collaborate with the Danish singer and has added his quality to songs on her debut cut.

New song ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ is a modern take on the wedding betrothal line ”till death do us part” and mags says:

“it’s about the declaration of love-to stay together for better or worse. ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ is a song that emphasizes the importance of communication and understanding as the keys to balance between love and hate in any close relation-two very different feelings that are often very close to each other on the emotional spectrum.”

The new song, together with last song ‘I can’t get over you’, will act as heralds for the long-awaited new EP which should follow very soon and along with the brilliant Drew Sycamore and Roseelu will act as further reminder, I’m sure, that we should be looking to Denmark for new, highly energetic pop at the moment.

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