What We Can Take From 2021 Jewellery Trends Onto the Next Year

Each season brings its own flavour to this world and leaves its traces behind. 2021 is no different. It has seen an uprising jewellery trend that is fresh and new to this world. And the one thing that we can all agree on is how severely underrated the jewellery collection is. While we were at our home the whole of 2020, 2021 seems like an excellent year to pamper yourself with trendy jewellery pieces which will serve us till next year. 

From the outburst of colours to the gemstone magic, from charming necklaces to playful bracelets – 2021 has almost everything in its store that you wished for. Though some of the jewellery trends you are already aware of – chunky bracelets and charms are definitely here to stay. You really can’t ignore them as all of them are too gorgeous. As the world opens up, your accessory game should too, and what better way than adding trendy jewellery to your collection. We have put together a few such jewellery pieces which may interest you. Let’s dive in.  

  1. Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces have been an essential piece of jewellery for women indulging in street fashion, layered with stacks of gold chains, diamond chokers, crystal eternity bands, or chunky hoops. They offer affordable alternatives to heavy and sparkly designs to create a voluminous look for any ensemble, ranging from an all-denim outfit to a slip-on gown. When it comes to the settings of the pendant, the design can be abstract or plain, only stylish enough to transition from daywear to nightwear and be the centrepiece of any outfit. A gemstone necklace such as a Shungite necklace, made with a natural mineral with high carbon content, has healing properties that can protect the wearer against harmful EMFs. Talk about a piece of jewellery that can do more than shine bright, huh?

  1. Crystal Earrings

Jewellery trends are always playing out in vicious circles. While one season, we’re all wearing danglers and chandeliers encrusted in diamonds, the next, it’s all about colourful studs. Although women may be eager to rotate a new pair every few months, the Tanzanite earrings studs guarantee to be an excellent investment. The studs are made with a naturally powerful Zoisite mineral, introduced to the market by the famous luxe brand Tiffany & Co. for its magnificent colour and uncanny resemblance with the world’s number one jewel, the Blue Sapphire. However, the enchanting stone’s pleochroic nature allows one to observe different colours at different angles, including burgundy, violet, and oceanic blue. Jewellery enabled with natural crystals and stones is becoming increasingly popular each year for its absolute beauty and inherent healing properties to aid the body, mind, and soul.

  1. Signet Bracelets

Signet bracelets are a modern-day interpretation of the old bands worn by mob bosses and mafia families in the ‘80s and ’90s (like those established in Scorsese’s The Irishman). This year, the bracelet has become one of the most loved pieces for its powerful, polished, and vibrant silhouette. It’s a nostalgic and vintage piece of jewellery with elements of modernity in various sculptural and elaborate designs. It offers enough space for a beautiful illustration or engraving for a partner’s initials, lovable phrases, or a piece of poetry. If you want to express your undying love and affection to a loved one, then a stack of personalized bracelets in signet-style would do the magic.

  1. Chunky Gold Chains

Looking for the chicest and the most statement-worthy trend this year? Then it has to be the chunky gold chains in extra-large sizes. The prominent shapes of these elaborate necklaces, such as twisted chains and chainlinks, can strongly impact even the most sober-looking outfits. Women can play with layering gold-tone chains to add sartorial elegance to their overall look. If you want to inject some colours into your outfits, then a series of charms with colourful gems and crystals would make your outfit look more vibrant but also sophisticated.  

  1. Tennis Chokers

Whether it’s about amping up your basic white tee or an enticing cowl neck dress, tennis chokers can never fail you. Tennis jewellery featuring a continuous line of brilliant diamonds became highly popular in the late ’80s after the US Open tournament. Elite designers such as Tiffany & Co. and Cartier have dedicated separate collections in honour of the eternity string, which has now become a timeless piece. By next year, modern women will be open to experimenting with designs, shifting from diamonds to bright coloured jewels, tubular structures, mixed stone settings, pigmented golds, etc. This will enhance the effortless jewellery style into something more artistic and modern. 

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