Leo Sawikin stands out on his latest offering, ‘Row Me Away’

Leo Sawikin has just released a track which stands out amongst the rest of the singer-songwriter world, in the form of ‘Row Me Away’. Taking cues from 90s grunge as well as his usual homage to the folk-rock stars of the 70s, Sawikin proves he is more than your average musician here.

Instead, Leo Sawikin presents himself as a voice for a generation who are somewhat lost in the frenzy of modern living. Sawikin employs sounds which are both nostalgic and new to create a sense of yearning in his music. Comforting in its companionship, ‘Row Me Away is the sound of someone who draws on the past in order to forge a new path forward into the future.

Speaking of the song, Leo says “I was trying to go for a very visual type of song when I wrote this. I wanted to evoke a feeling of blasting away from earth or from our universe in search of something brand new and entirely different.” Again, he speaks to this timeless notion, from the lyrics to the chord progression. “Using unique but familiar chord progressions like this is a great way to lay the groundwork for songs that feel nostalgic and brand new at the same time… when most people ‘row away’ somewhere, they’re not just looking for a new world, but ideally a place where the familiar is accessible.”

‘Row Me Away’ is out now, with accompanying videos from Howl Peak Productions, and a full length of the same name to follow in October.

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