What Makes Ibanez Special – Ultimate Guide To Ibanez Guitars

Are you considering buying a guitar? Are you considering an Ibanez guitar? Well, we have the guide just for you! Ibanez guitars are a very popular brand of guitars that were initially manufactured in Japan and have gained recognition all around the world.

Famous guitarists such as Joe Satriani use Ibanez, so there is something about them that makes them special. In this guide, we will explore exactly that!

•    Superstrat

Ibanez is most well known for their “superstrat” body shape that helped them gain a lot of popularity during the 80s among heavy metal and hard rock guitar players. Ibanez guitars have the reputation of being used exclusively for the heavy metal genre, and Ibanez guitars are known as shredding guitars.

Although they are primarily used and known for the metal genre, you can play anything from jazz to soul music on Ibanez guitars; the only thing that matters is the guitarist’s skillset!

•    Cost-Effective

Another reputation that Ibanez has that it is very affordable, which makes it a perfect candidate for a beginner’s guitar if you’re unsure what to buy or if you just want an affordable option.

Ibanez beginners’ guitars range from £100-£350. Although Ibanez has this affordable reputation, their higher-end models can really be expensive and all the way up to £1800!

•    Comfortable

Ibanez guitars have an amazing ergonomic design, with skinny and comfy necks that make them very comfortable and easy to use. They are usually very lightweight too, which adds to the level of comfort, and also have a terrific tone with a very good pick up.

It can be said that the comfort that is offered by Ibanez is engrained into every little detail and every single aspect of an Ibanez guitar. From their fretboard width to shape to girth, the thought into the design of an Ibanez guitar is immense, hence making it a guitar that easy to use and impossible to put down!

•    What Makes Them So Playable

They have “fast necks,” which makes them the perfect guitar for shredding, and their necks are also flat, which promotes the idea of professional line leads and gives you a better chance at succeeding at that.

The strings of a Ibanez guitar are very light, which allows you to experiment with them more and practice different kinds of techniques with them. This makes Ibanez adventurous guitars that are worthy of experimentation and finding new and bold ideas.

It is the playability of the Ibanez guitars, alongside their extreme comfort, that makes them the perfect guitar if you are starting out.

•    Comparisons

While being compared to other popular guitars, Ibanez is known as a much lighter, less bulky, and even cheaper option. It is also associated exclusively with heavy metal at times due to its incredible shredding abilities, but this also pigeonholes Ibanez into ONLY being a heavy metal guitar.

This kind of exclusivity is not shared with other famous guitar brands, and it’s simply not true for Ibanez, as Ibanez is perfect for technically challenging music overall, such as jazz, and that is why many famous guitarists use Ibanez!

At the End

All in all, Ibanez is a great and versatile brand, with very affordable and comfortable options. So if you want to invest in one of their amazing options, what are you waiting for? Get your Ibanez guitar as soon as possible!

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