RED5 Revisit ‘I Love You Stop’ With Stefy De Cicco

Undoubtedly one of the biggest tracks of the late Nineties, ‘I Love You Stop’ by RED5 has just been given a whole new lease of life. DJ RED5 from the band alongside Italy’s awesome production and DJ talent Stefy De Cicco have re-spun the pop classic as ‘Feels Like Home.’

Keeping some nostalgia from the original, the pair are able to introduce some electronic elements into the mix. Slap house beats and sharp rhythmical accents mean ‘Feels Like Home’ has a stronger groove and wouldn’t sound out of place on a European dance floor.

DJ RED5 reveals:

“I LOVE YOU STOP” was one of my biggest hits and so in general I’m always picky with remixes or brand new versions , but the mix of Slap House and the original melody of the drop is perfect. The top line that has been added is so beautiful that it brings a brand new life to my dance classic.”


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