Danish Singer RoseeLu Has A New Song ‘Got Me Feeling Like This’ Which Sees Her Emerge Stronger And Less Vulnerable As She Lets Herself Fly.

RoseeLu is back with a new song, hot on the heels of ‘F*** With My Feelings’, and she’s singing about that relationship where the act of falling madly in love comes with the cost of losing your very identity, your very soul even. ‘Got Me Feeling Like This’ is almost the resolution to the questions asked in her last songs and finds our Danish songstress realising that to truly get back to who you are there has to be a farewell, and that although this is tough, it has to be final. This moment of realisation is beautifully realised in what feels to me like the final part of a relationship trilogy.

The upbeat, almost grungy, soft punk of the backbeat is completely at odds with the depth of the feelings involved and it’s this dichotomy that perfectly conjures the turmoil that relationships can bring, especially when resolution can bring so much pain, but also a new personal strength.

RoseeLu says:

“although I’m still rather young, I’ve experienced being madly in love. Also, I’ve experienced the type of love where you end up losing yourself and lack the ability to be true to your own values. And even though it’s a hard farewell, sometimes you just have to do it in order to return to yourself again. This song was made only with the intention of letting these feelings go- make them free and give them the space they need”

The punchy electric guitar vibe of the song hides the vulnerability below the surface and continues to develop an artist whose strength of feeling is deep for one so young. RoseeLu is fast becoming the voice of her generation and I can’t wait to see her incredible talent develop.

RoseeLu has gone from the caterpillar vulnerability of ‘Playing Alone’ to the love addiction chrysalis of ‘F*** With My Feelings’ and now finds the strength to break out and emerge a beautiful stronger butterfly in ‘Got Me Feeling Like This’. This is an artist who will only get better and is a name to watch.

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