Choosing Where To Live in the Star Wars Universe

You’ve got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to living in the Star Wars universe. Unless you’re a slave on Tatooine, of course. If you’ve got the credits to buy the right property, the question is where to spend those credits on getting the home that most suits your needs. The answer to the question of where the best place to live in the galaxy that’s far, far away depends entirely on what you want from your home. Survivalists are going to want a different planet to introverts, and culture lovers are rarely going to choose Dagobah!

Best For Shoppers

You’ve got a few options when it comes to having the best supply of retail outlets. Naboo will be great for the little boutique stores selling high-end antiques and handmade ornaments. However, when it comes to volume, it’s hard to beat Coruscant. This is a literal city planet, and you will usually find the high-end stores on the higher levels. However, if you’re looking for something a little more black market, the lower levels are where to head. Just watch out for those pesky Jedi showing up and ruining the fun.

Best For Survivalists

In a conversation between Betway Casino and the Star Wars specialist Matt Hudson, Endor was highlighted as being the best for nature lovers. Although it’s a forest moon rather than a planet, it’s still ideal for those that want to be closer to nature and living off the land. It’s got a bit of an Ewok problem, though, so you best sort out a trading relationship with those guys first. The alternative option is to head to Tatooine, but this can be a hard life. Obi-Wan aged very quickly during his 18-ish years on the desert planet, so make sure you invest in a lot of suntan lotion.

Best For Introverts

You might assume that Tatooine is the best option if you prefer not to have many visitors. After all, it’s quite out of the way in terms of the central planets. However, for some reason, it tends to attract a lot more people than you might expect. Your best bet if you want to keep visitors to a minimum is Dagobah, an unappealing swamp planet that’s extremely far, far away. It’s a bit Dark-sidey for most people, though, who might prefer an island on Ahch-To, although there’s a grumpy, grey-haired Jedi on one of them, so do your research first.

Best For Culture Lovers

It’s hard to beat Naboo when it comes to culture. Alderaan might have made this list, but it’s nothing more than space dust now, so Naboo is the real estate option to take a closer look at. It’s got an extremely rich culture, and the monarchy is a solid combination of kindness and strength. Two dominant species are living on Naboo, so make sure that you avoid the areas run by the Gungans. They can be great friends, but they’re also a bit weird, and not all of them are as intelligent as they make out.

Best For Adrenaline Junkies

If you like a bit of adventure, then Tatooine could be an option. It’s got Tusken Raiders, gangsters, and sandworms that will spice up your life. Mustafar is worth taking a look at, but this is for serious adrenaline junkies only. Even before Darth Vader built his castle on Mustafar (don’t go near that!), it was a lava-filled planet that very few dared to call home. Alternatively, head to sunny Kashyyyk, the home of the Wookies. If you can get them onside, your home will be a jungle planet simply covered with trees. Then, of course, there is the stress of the giant spiders and the giant slugs, but that’s what adrenaline’s for, right?

Where you choose to live in the Star Wars universe means thinking more about what you want from life. Whether you want the calm of Naboo (before the trade blockades) or the excitement of Coruscant, there’s somewhere for everyone in the galaxy that’s far, far away.

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