Introducing Ekaterine: A New Face For Pop Who Doesn’t Play By The Rules

Paying homage to some of the most outspoken women in previous music history – Avril Lavigne, Katie Melua, Billie Eilish – Georgia-born Ekaterine is the bright new face in pop-rock whose talents have to be heard to be believed.

You might know her name already from her previous single ‘DreamTaun’ – picked up in more than ten countries, or heard her perform as part of BBC Introducing Live with her song ‘Love Insane’ way back in 2017. 

There’s something otherworldly about this singer, whose songs always come with a certain edge, constantly moving away from the conventions we recognise in pop music already. The coolness that Ekaterine exudes comes from a place of complete authenticity and effortlessness; this is someone who knows not only what she wants, but also exactly how to go about getting it. In 2021, the stage is set for someone like Ekaterine – bold, not afraid to show her insecurities, endlessly creative and ready to share it all with the world.

Ekaterine’s new single is out 5th March 2021, meanwhile follow her at @ekaterine_go on Instagram!

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