Top 5 Books For Gamblers

Gambling is an excellent way to relax if you feel exhausted. Thousands of people place bets in the real online casino Canada, and the main fans also enjoy watching movies and reading books on this topic. Here are the best books about gambling.

Michael Shackleford, Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games 

The author is a professional gambler and an experienced gambling analyst. Michael works as a private consultant. He shares his knowledge with both players and casino owners. In this book, the author talks about his experience and gives examples of how he applies his knowledge in practice. The results are displayed in the form of tables with conclusions. There is a separate chapter on online slot machines. 

There are no magic strategies in this book. Shackelford talks about how he increases his chances of winning. All the things the author has collected over the years, you get in a concise, accessible version. Yet, it can be difficult if you have no gambling experience. Beginners are better to choose something simpler.

Edwin Silberstang, The Winners Guide to Casino Gambling 

The author talks about how to minimize the casino’s advantage in gambling. Particular attention is paid to bank management. Edward teaches gamblers how to allocate their bankroll. So, in case of failures, he will get small winnings. 

Besides, the book is interesting because it debunks popular myths about casinos and individual games. This part will be useful for newcomers who still believe in certain stereotypes.

Mason Malmuth, Gambling Theory and Other Topics

This book can be considered a textbook for gambling enthusiasts. It covers everything from the simplest basics to the smallest details that only an experienced gambler knows. The book can be used as a book for daily rereading. It is always good to refresh your knowledge on this or that issue.

John Golleon, Everything About Roulette

This book is written by John Golleon. It was published in 1987 and contains all the answers to beginner’s questions. It is an easy and interesting book on how to beat the dealer at roulette.

After a brief historical background and mathematical calculations, accompanied by amusing examples from real life, the author moves on to describing winning strategies. John Golleon leads the reader to the conclusion that a winning system is built on analyzing and taking advantage of several criteria. 

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Gambler 

There is little practical use in this book, but it is a highly recommended reading for casino lovers. It is the story of a gambling enthusiast who tries to win a large sum of money for his lover. The book wonderfully describes the casino atmosphere of those times. It is a great book for general development and immersion in the subject.

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