Reasons To Read: Top Tips and Titles To Get You Into Books

People are spending a lot more time at home these days. Whether it’s because of the rolling lockdowns due to coronavirus or because businesses have been hit pretty hard in recent years. As a result, there may be more time available for hobbies and downtime. Reading is a pretty popular hobby as it can be presented in multiple mediums, genres and formats. However, aspiring readers can sometimes find it quite hard to find their way in. Especially those who have never tried before. Here are some top tips and titles that can help you find your way into reading. Some may not apply as well as others, it all depends on your personality as well as how much time you have available, but they’ll certainly help you make the leap into a new hobby.

Start Cheap

You don’t have to go out and buy the most expensive book you’ve found. Or invest in a kindle and sign up to listening programmes. Great books can be got for pretty cheap. You may be able to use NetVoucherCodes for some money off or simply check out Amazon’s sale section, there will be many there for around 99p. Just because the price is cheap doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a low quality book either. Bestsellers of old often become pretty cheap as time rolls on. If you start cheap, you’re not losing out. You might realise it isn’t the hobby for you in which case you can rest easy knowing you haven’t spent much money. You can even check out the bargain bin deals and go for second hand paperbacks.

Find Your Genre

It’s important to give yourself the best chance of succeeding. Have a look at films, or video games. Which genre do you enjoy? Sport? Thriller? Fantasy? There are tonnes to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your genre start strong for the best chance of making the hobby a success. For fantasy you might want to start with Lord of The Rings, or something more modern in Game Of Thrones. If you enjoy thrillers you could try Gone Girl. You can even stay in the same universe. For example, the Star Wars films have produced hundreds of book companions which the fans love. To really succeed with reading you should focus on finding your genre. If you love romance then there are plenty of those, Jojo Moyes or Sophie Kinsella are bestselling authors you could check out. If you’re new to reading, you’ll really do best to pinpoint your genre first before choosing a book. It means you’ll enjoy more than just randomly picking a book out and getting stuck in.

Pick The Right Book

It can be pretty tough to find the perfect book. Word of mouth is a great bet though. If you have friends who are readers and you share the same interests, ask them. You can also go by the reviews on Amazon or other book places. There are bad reviews for even the best books out there. It’s all about taste. Again, use the genre tips above and then use reviews to narrow down the field a little. There is a danger you’ll be over-selective. Spending a lot of time looking for the right book when you could be reading a great one you’ve skipped over.

Pick Your Medium

You don’t have to read a paper book. Sure, that’s the traditional way. But there are others. For a start, you can sometimes pick between hardback and paperback. Readers usually prefer one or the other. Books are generally released as hardback first, then paperback later on. Beyond paper, you can read a book on an iPad or other tablet these days pretty easily. Just download the kindle app. It’s run by amazon, and there are usually different marketing options on them but still good and affordable bits of kit. Kindles are great because they give the appearance of paper and get less tiring on the eye. You don’t have to read at all though. You’ve likely heard of audiobooks. Again, amazon runs audible, the most successful company offering audiobooks. There are others though. You can get them on CD’s for the car or downloaded right to your device. They’re great for long drives or when you just want to lay back and close your eyes. There are many people who prefer being told a story, rather than reading. Just take pace into account. If you read slow and like devouring every possible element they might narrate a little too fast for you. Again, you can usually sample books before you buy so you can make sure. Remember, you can get graphic novels too if you prefer great pictures, as well as comics. It still counts as reading!

Find Your Reading Nook

Some can just pick up a book and read, no matter where they are. Others will need to feel peaceful, while some need utter silence. Find your place to read. If you’re working from home it might be wise to read where you don’t work. It can be pretty tough to switch off. Some like to do so on a chair, while others will read in bed. It’s a great thing to do before bed because it can help you wind down. It’s better for the brain than a screen and will naturally tire your eyes. Finding a good place to read can be tough when you’ve got a family. Especially if you don’t like to be distracted. Some like to listen to music. Acoustic music is best. It can stop any noise interruptions and leave you to focus. The great thing about reading is that it can be done pretty much anywhere. A paperback is quite small and easy to pull out, leaving you free to devour a few pages wherever you are.
Old Books.

Are There Health Benefits?

Aside from being a brilliant hobby, and a vehicle from which to transport you to other lives and worlds, reading has quite a lot of great benefits. It can improve your vocabulary, of course. If you struggle with spelling and comprehension it can also boost those skills. Reading can also increase the ability to empathise. It reduces stress too, as it can totally occupy the mind and give you a break from whatever worries you. It’s great for the aged too as it can help prevent cognitive decline…it keeps the brain busy and improves connectivity. It isn’t just about having fun. It’s good for you. Hobbies usually have some kind of payback or reward. A feel good factor. Otherwise, why would so many people do them? Reading is certainly one of the most popular.

Non-Fiction Works

If wondrous stories aren’t for you then it doesn’t mean reading isn’t. Non-fiction is the way to go. Biographies of your most favourite celebrities can give you an insight into their life. If you’re fascinated by history, you can read books by the leading scholars and experts. Wondering about a certain group of people or scientific breakthrough? Try Sapiens by Yuval Harari. Love a certain sport? Here are the best sports books written. There’s always something for you with non-fiction. From science right the way to politics. You can read up on languages or space, too. Supplement your work knowledge, learn a new skill and become more aware. Finding the right non-fiction book is pretty much the same as finding a good fiction one. Think about those who you admire or subjects which fascinate you and you’ll find something pretty sharpish. Then check those reviews and you’re good to go.

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