Lady Indiraa revives SHRINK in 2021

Times are tough, right? So why not put the melancholy to one side for a bit and get your ears around this, a whole bunch of soul-lifting remixes of that club classic from 2011, Lady Indiraa’s ‘Shrink ‘21’.

There’s more than a little bit of irony in the title, and there’s more than a little bit of poignancy in resurrecting this banging tune during these trying times… but boy are we grateful.

The electro-pop diva with some very impressive side-hustles (radio presenter! Online chef!) isn’t your average singer-songwriter, which is probably why she doesn’t attract your common-or-garden collaborator. The names on the ‘Shrink ’21’ collection are immense! Andy Galea, Block & Crown and, coming back for more after producing the hit a decade ago, the legendary Soulshaker.

Lady Indiraa’s ‘Shrink ’21’ is the tonic we’re all gagging for right now. Check her out on her YouTube channel.

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