Kent Singer Katie Kittermaster’s ‘ Lukewarm Lover’ Released January 22

Katie Kittermaster releases her second single of the year on Friday, 22 January. ‘Lukewarm Lover’ is a song that, while staying true to the usual honesty of the artists lyrical style, takes a more mainstream pop approach. The contrast between lyrical content and melody offer the perfect imagery of putting on a brave face whilst under a breezy exterior there is often deep emotion and conflict.

Katie feels the song is a big step in her musical evolution and says:

“Lukewarm Lover is a track about a relationship where the spark has fizzled out and both parties are just going through the motions, but don’t know really how to bring it to its natural conclusion. I guess it’s maybe the harsher, more confident, ‘big sister’ song to One Of A Kind. It’s less apologetic and doesn’t dance around the evidently tricky situation, I love this about it, as i feel it shows real personal growth as well as (hopefully) my development as a writer too!”

Despite feeling that this is more about a new relationship, this is a song that under the lockdown restrictions we find ourselves in at the moment, will resonate with many couples all over the country. With so many people forced to be with each other all day, there has been a sad statistic that more and more relationships are unable to take the pressure and I’m sure many people can empathise with the lyrics of the song.

As usual, and like so many artists, Katie has been hard at work on social media promoting her music and keeping fans and followers updated on new music. It’s more important than ever that we engage with the musicians we enjoy. They need us as much as we need the music they work so hard to give us.

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