Quinn Releases New Single ‘Some Days’

Today (26th of November), Irish singer Quinn dropped her brand-new single “Some Days.” The single is now available to stream on Spotify, and the music video can be found below.

Back in July 2020, Quinn released her debut single “Trespasser.” After the success that this single achieved, she returns with her new banger “Some Days.” The single modernises the retro 80s synths and makes the most ideal pop song you can imagine. It works as a motivator to encourage the listener to get up, and carry on with life – even if all you want to do is to stay in bed all day.

The track was written in Amsterdam at the beginning of the year whilst Quinn was touring in Europe. When talking about “Some Days,” the songstress says;

“I was really struggling with the loneliness of the music industry and not sure what direction to go in. I wrote ‘Some Days’ on an acoustic guitar in 3 or 4 days and used it to help redirect my goals and focus for my career in music.”

Quinn has a way of making putting her most personal thoughts into her songwriter. By allowing us to hear her vulnerabilities, we as listeners are able to deeply connect to the music on a higher level. “Some Days” is the perfect example of how she puts her life difficulties into her music. This not only helps her deal with these things, but to also help us deal with our own issues and know that we are not alone.

Although 2020 hasn’t been the best year when it comes to live performances, before now, Quinn has performed across the world including;  New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Cambridge, Manchester, Dubai, Dublin and Nashville. Her aim is to get her music heard by as many people as possible. Hopefully, 2021 will allow her to do this a lot more!

Be sure to check out “Some Days” – it’s something that you won’t regret giving a listen! For more updates on what Quinn is up to, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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