Jdot Breezy – ‘All In’

‘All In’, by Jdot Breezy, is an upbeat hip-hop track that works just as well listening to at home as it would in a club. Jdot Breezy has only been on the scene for a short time, but he’s already made a name for himself with his smooth sound, unmatchable timing and speed, and sick beats.

‘All In’ hits somewhere between upbeat and mellow; the beats are still there, but they’re more laid back, and in a lot of ways this is the perfect sound for these days of staying indoors.

Opening with a shot of a black Lamborghini over a bright backdrop, and chains hanging from the ceiling, the video starts out as it means to continue. Flashing lights indicate that the location is a garage, or a warehouse of some kind. Jdot, and collaborator Tizzy, perform in front of the blue walls, alternating between sitting in the luxury car, with its fiery red interior. They’re having the time of their lives as they sing, swinging on the chains, performing as if they have no other cares in the world. It’s a killer of a music video, and should be enough to get us out of the Covid-19 doldrums – if only for a few minutes – and then hit that replay button and listen to this catchy track all over again.

You can find out more about Jdot Breezy and his music online on his Instagram account.

Jdot Breezy - All In (feat. Tizzy Stackz & LiBand) (Official Music Video)

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