Payment Options for Slots Deposits Explained 

When you’re playing online slots, it is crucial that you learn how to deposit your payment so you can make the best of your gameplay time. You don’t want to be squandering valuable minutes attempting to work out how you can pay the money when you can be playing instead. So it is a wise idea to work out just the way you are planning to spend – and just how much you are intending to pay – in advance. This guide to the most typical kinds of payment methods used by the majority of online casinos like Wizard Slots can help you get a jump start with regards to playing online slots.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a favourite method of depositing cash at internet casinos so you are able to play slot games. The advantages of using this particular strategy is the fact that you are able to play at any casino around the planet since credit cards could be used to pay in a number of different currencies. The drawback is you are actively playing with ‘borrowed’ money, and also you may overspend because it will not be coming directly from your bank account.

Take note, it’s because of this that the Gambling Commission has announced that as of 14th April 2020, it will not be feasible to use credit cards to gamble with in the UK.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are a great choice for depositing cash in internet casinos. They are employed in the exact same fashion as a credit card because you enter the long number, expiry date, along with additional info (although never your PIN; in case you’re requested for this, don’t use the website and instead report it to the authorities). The difference is that the cash you use will leave your bank account right away.

The advantages are that debit cards are very easy to use and you can effortlessly verify what you’re playing and implement boundaries on your deposits. Naturally, these are self-imposed limitations so the concerns of using a debit card are that not only are you able to spend a lot, but this can leave you in financial problems right away.

Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-paid cards really are a halfway point between credit and debit cards. To be able to use them, money has to be loaded onto them beforehand – after the funds are used, the card can’t be used until more funds are added.

These are super easy cards to use, working in the exact same fashion as credit and debit cards, and the greatest aspect of them is you are able to load just the cash you’re prepared to invest onto them, making certain you do not leave yourself short.


You will find a variety of diverse e-wallets around, several that are better known than others. They include Paypal, EcoCard, Neteller, and also EcoPayz. These ways of payment are common and they’re extremely secure, much less dangerous to make use of on the internet than credit or debit cards, for instance. They operate in two ways. You are able to often pre-load the account and have a set amount of cash, or you are able to work with a debit card connected to the bank account. The very first choice is a significantly better one in case you’re concerned about overspending.

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