Online Slots Hitting The Right Note For Rock Music Fans

Amongst the most popular games you’ll find at any online casino, slots often boast the biggest variety in themes and styles, all of which are aimed at appealing to the varied tastes of their audiences.

Slots with movie themes have become instant hits, as have those based around internationally famed TV shows. This has inevitably led game developers to look at additional entertainment themes, bringing forth a selection of slots which passionately embrace the music scene. Let’s take a look at three that are making soundwaves at online casinos right now.

Jimi Hendrix Online Slot

Designed with a swinging sixties artistic style, the Jimi Hendrix Online Slot is packed with legendary songs by the guitar legend. These include hits like Foxy Lady or Crosstown Traffic and even Purple Haze, not to mention iconic lyrics and riffs every time symbols are matched within the spinning reels.

Before you go rushing All Along the Watchtower to play this game, it’s worth checking some slots NZ reviews first, especially regarding which sites are currently offering the most interesting promotions and bonus offers. After all, most players will aim to keep winnings under their Little Wing for as long as they possibly can.

Motörhead Video Slot

Although hard-rocking Lemmy Kilmister departed this world just a few years ago, his legacy of living life on the edge remains with the Mötorhead Video Slot. Icons filling the reels match the iconic imagery of the band, with comments from the wild frontman when his picture appears. Of course, the big appeal here is the music itself, especially if you’re chasing the Ace of Spades.

Make sure you have ‘Rock Mode’ in this game turned on and the volume turned up, because “if you like to gamble” then Lemmy is definitely “your man”, as he belts out those legendary lyrics. Don’t forget, “the pleasure is to play” and enjoyment is what playing slots is all about, gaming to the unique rock sound of Motörhead and their greatest hits.

Guns N’ Roses Video Slots

Actually the third of this slot gaming trio developed by NetEnt, if we’re taking a spin through classic rock themed slots, then no journey would be complete without featuring Guns N’ Roses. The chart-busting American band were never going to miss this opportunity, and neither should any fan of slot gaming or their hit records.

No sooner does the game start, Welcome to the Jungle greets players as icons featuring all the band members whizz by on the spinning reels. Line those up and you’ll win prizes, with other imagery featuring plectrums accompanied by unmistakable guitar riffs. Unlike many slot games, you can actually choose the background music here, with Sweet Child O’ Mine and Paradise City amongst the variety of options.

Don’t forget, whichever music-themed slots fill your aural senses and get you in the mood to rock, always look for the most suitable gaming sites to suit your preferences. With so much in the way of variety, music fans are definitely spoilt for choice.

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