Horse Races That No Fan Should Forget

Football cups and Wimbledon matches can glue hoards of fans to their chairs for days on a row. But at the end of the day, finding something more exciting than horse racing is hard. At least for us Brits, who love to hang out at the races, engage in small talk and watch our favourite perform. Some of us even take it to the next level, plunging into the whole sports betting thing. Whether you like betting with Timeform or not, if you like racing, you probably wonder which are some of the most epic horse races that no fan should forger. Luckily for you, we know which they are. Check them out below.

  1. 2016 Belmont Stakes

Horse racing may be a tradition in England, but there is nothing wrong with opening our list with an American race. Namely, the 2016 Belmont Stakes. The race didn’t brag with any Triple Crown competitors, but the fact that Creator managed to win still surprised everyone. Needless to say, the results upset a lot of people, while Creator has become the favourite in the blink of an eye.

  1. 1975 Diamond Stakes

Dubbed the Race of the Century, the 1975 Diamond Stakes represented a true clash of generations between top-ranking horses. The race was probably one of the most exciting races of all times, with Bustino winning over Grundy after an unexpected series of events. The race wowed racing fans and not only, showing the world the beauty and excitment horse racing is known for.

  1. 1973 Grand National

Ascot’s Diamond Stakes may be the race of the century, but 1973’s Grand National is another of those hard-to-forget races. Even more so when we think that Red Rum is still a legend among horse racing enthusiasts. Indeed, this is THE Grand National that turned Red Rum into the legend it became. For most of the race, Crisp, the favourite of the time, led with 20 lengths ahead. Perhaps the jockey didn’t take into account that fatigue will eventually win over willpower, and that’s when Red Rum changed the odds in its favour. Red Rum won his first Grand National on the Aintree course, and the rest is history.

  1. 1964 Cheltenham Gold Cup

The 1964’s Cheltenham Gold Cup is another of all those races fans should never forget. While the horses were not the most famous, the unfolding of events showed everyone that horse racing is unpredictable. England also showed Ireland that horse racing isn’t called a national sport for no reason, as Mill House – representing England – won by five lengths against the Irish Arkle. No doubt, this race had everything, from anticipation to quality to frenetic excitement.

  1. 1936 Gold Cup

Many of those who witnessed the 1936 Gold Cup live may not be among us anymore, but this doesn’t mean fans should forget about it. Disputed at Ascot, the race saw the favourite Omaha – winner of the US Triple Crown in 1935 – won over by filly Quashed. The two horses managed to make the race memorable with their determination to win; still, nobody would have expected the filly to win over the colt.

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