Allegra ‘Gets Physical’ In Latest Cover Version

It’s a darkened room with a neon pink-lit background this time for Allegra’s latest foray into the world of stylish cover videos. 

The song this time is Dua Lipa’s revival of 80s synthwave pop, ‘Physical’, and it’s one which Allegra tackles with all the mischievous fun that this song demands. The instrumentation used in this video is a spectacular melding of analogue and electronic sounds, with Allegra being backed by electronic cellos and a keyboard-synth, creating a truly unique sound which not only sets this cover apart from the original, but also sets Allegra apart from her peers. 

Keeping with the theme of unique and interesting musicality, this follows the theme she set out in her previous cover videos; Sam Smith ‘How Do You Sleep’, where the melody was played out on bottles, and Loud Luxury’s ‘Body’, where she was accompanied by a whole drumming troupe.

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