4 Unconventional Ways For New Artists To Promote Their Music

Getting your music to an audience is not a ball in the park, especially for new artists. But it is not impossible to draw some attention to yourself using a few marketing strategies. Going down the same route as everybody else might work but will only take you so far. You might have to find more unconventional methods, and here are a few to try.

Appeal to fans’ taste buds


This may sound weird, but it works because food and music go well together. So appealing to your fans’ tastebuds will involve teaming up with eateries or restaurants and bars to promote your music. Speak to a chef about creating a menu that is explicitly inspired by your music that your fans can enjoy while you treat them to a good song. Highlight how it will be a win-win situation for you both in terms of exposing the brands to new customers in addition to the old ones. 

Make your music more accessible

Streaming platforms are great for promoting music, no doubt, but especially if you want a bigger and more diverse audience, you might have to go the extra mile. Torrent websites, for example, are a cheaper way that consumers can have access to your music, and this list put together by Troypoint contains a few good ones. While you may not receive revenue from there, it will expose your music to fans who will then do some more research into you. If they like what they hear, they will find a way to access more of it.

Engage the audience more in your music

There is a lot of pride in making all the decisions on a project from start to finish. But sometimes you have to remember that you’re making your music for others to enjoy. So it wouldn’t hurt once in a while to indulge your audience in some part of the music-making process. For example, you can organize polls on social media, asking your audience to help you choose a name for your project, giving them options to choose from. You can also give them an opportunity to be a part of your music video by making a short video with your song. This strategy is likely to get them invested in your music, increasing the chances for them to introduce it to your friends as well.

Create merch that is outside the box


Selling merch is another way that music fans support their favourite artists, and you should take advantage of that. But the old way of doing it gets boring pretty fast, and so you’ll need something more catchy to get people to notice you. So go all out with your merch ideas, looking out for things that are unique like skateboards or action figures. There is nothing wrong with going old school if that is what you can afford, but you can switch things up like colours and design.

As an artist getting your music out there should be your number one priority, and you should throw out any ideas, no matter how unconventional. These four are a few that may actually work really well for you so why not give them a try.

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