remme Releases New Single ‘lose touch’

remme is a Dutch singer-songwriter who has just released his brand-new single ‘lose touch’. The single is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms here

‘lose touch’ is remme’s 3rd single that has been released this year as well as his debut ‘get older’ which we heard back in January, and ‘hunger’ being the 2nd single that was dropped back in May. Although remme is fresh on the music scene, these releases are good indicators as to where his talent will take him.

His most recent single is an extremely relaxing listen-to. It’s a piano ballad that you will fall in love with instantly. When speaking of the single, remme says;

“I always feel a lot of emotion when I sing ‘lose touch’ and the song makes me put everything on the line, I just close my eyes and lose control. I have the feeling I’m falling endlessly, she is driving me crazy and I want to scream out loud. ‘lose touch’ is about someone who pushes you over the edge. You know you’ll have to let go at some point but you are not ready yet and the situation is totally spinning out of control”.

His career has already started strong as ‘get older’ has already reached 4 million streams (you can watch the official music video for his debut here). All his releases so far have been simply beautiful and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store. Be sure to follow his Facebook, and Instagram for more updates. 

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