How Video Games Can Boost Your Brain During Lockdown

During this strange and worrying pandemic era, there isn’t a lot to do. Sure, times are changing a little, and we’re able to do a few more things – the restrictions have been lifted somewhat, but we’re still kind of limited regarding what we can and cannot do. With that said, we’re stuck using our imagination and coming up with domestic activities to fill the void of fun. 

A pastime that has been super popular over the years, and is continuing to grow, is the video gaming world. Video games used to be for a select fraternity, but are now seemingly everyone’s cup of tea. They’ve become a lot more popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact that all you need is a home, a console, a controller, and some electricity! 

There’s somewhat of a stigma surrounding video games, but they actually do a lot more good than harm. Want to know a little more about this? Well, here are some points for you to sink your teeth into:

Hand-Eye Coordination 

Everyone could do with their cognitive skills improving, and something as basic as hand-eye coordination can go very far. It can transcend the hobby of video games and built up abilities in other areas of life. Many sports require such a trait as well as many jobs. You need to be able to press the right things at the right times, and video games train the brain into doing so very well. It’s not just a case of mashing a button all the time anymore – it’s almost becoming an art. 


This is similar to what we were just talking about before, but a little different in that it can make someone a lot sharper mentally and physically. It helps to have your wits about you in this life, and these kinds of games can speed you up a little. It can, again, boost skills away from video games – many ball games require a sharp brain and fast physically, after all. It may seem as though someone is just staring into the abyss when they’re concentrating on a game, but they’re certainly not. 

Reading And Listening Skills 

A lot of games have compelling stories that players can follow along with. If you pop your reading glasses on and get involved, you too could become encapsulated in a beautiful narrative. Subtitles are an option, which is very handy as it can teach someone (slowly over time) how to become a lot more competent with words. The charisma from the characters can also drip onto the player. 

Information also comes from the game by way of instructions, so a video game player is always taking in written information while their game is plugged in and running. 

Bringing Out Passions 

Video games have a knack of making people want to emulate what’s on the screen. Take Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, for instance. Those two played a huge part in getting people into music and skateboarding, respectively. It can ignite a fire inside a person.

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