Star of the Gaming World, Kyra Jinx, Swaps League of Legends for RnB Grooves

Kyra Jinx is set to be the UK’s hottest newcomer within the R&B genre. Her brand new single ‘1 Of 1’ can now be streamed on all major streaming sites here.

Kyra Jinx is already well-known amongst the gaming community. Now, she’s ready to move forward along in her music career. “1 of 1” is a blend of positivity and upbeat melodies partnered with lyrics from Kyra’s real-life experiences.

The Lincolnshire songstress uses her music as escapism from everyday life. It’s her way of staying positive through the hardest times. Through her music, she can spread this positivity to her growing audience. She wants her listeners to feel optimistic when they listen to her tracks. Kyra has been working with Patrick Osei at Hot Money Studios to work on original material alongside her gaming career in Twitch.

Kyra is passionate about staying interactive with her fans. It is important to her that she stays connected with the people that support her the most. With over 180,000 views on YouTube and a massive 11,000 followers on Facebook – as well as her ever-growing audience on Twitch – there is no doubt that there is so much love for the gamer already. This is just the beginning for the RnB superstar. Make sure you also follow her Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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