MABES Shares brand new single ‘Slow Drowning’ ahead of new EP release

Newcomer Mabes drops her beautiful new single, ‘Slow Drowning’, ready for the release of her new EP, which she will be sharing later this month. 

The track starts with a simple yet powerful guitar melody before Mabes unleashes her stunning vocals. ‘Slow Drowning’ is a song that you will fall in love with instantly. The song gradually builds up making you want to sing along before you even know the words. When speaking of the inspiration behind the wonderful piece, Mabes explains:

“Is there bad timing for love? This song is about how the strongest love might not last. As the world and the people in it are constantly changing, so can your love for someone, even if it’s out of our control and no fault of our own. I wrote this song when I was 16, which looking back, now feels so young to be looking at the world like that but even now, it still feels true.”

Mabes is releasing short visuals with every single release – her other singles being ‘Keeping The Noise Down’, and ‘Stuck in The Rain’. Each visual is part of a much wider storyline. The story will eventually piece together to create a full video on the 22nd of May – the day the EP is due to be released. Watch the video for ‘Slow Drowning’:

Mabes - Slow Drowning Video EP (Part 3)

Although Mabes is new to the music scene, she’s already had multiple plays on Radio 1, a sold-out headline show, and surpassed an impressive 20 million views on Spotify in just 12 months.

‘Slow Drowning’ is now available to streaming on all major streaming sites. For more updates on future releases, be sure to visit Mabes’ website.

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