INTERVIEW – Jack Conway Talks To Us About His New Single ‘Eventually’

Jack Conway has recently dropped a lovely new ballad titled ‘Eventually’. The LA singer-songwriter combines the perfect blend of beautiful lyrics and top-notch production. ‘Eventually’ can be streamed on Spotify now!

As we found this track so enchanting, we got in touch with Jack to talk about the inspiration behind the song and his advice for someone who wishes to have a career in the music industry!

Here is what Jack had to say:

Hi Jack! I hope you’re doing well. You’ve just released your single “Eventually.” Beautiful song! Do you want to start by telling us a little bit about it? What’s the inspiration behind it?

Around the time I wrote ‘Eventually,’ I was battling with the idea of living more than one life – aka reincarnation. With that, I got to thinking about soul mates and even friendships that carry over lifetimes. I asked myself questions, “Why do some relationships feel so easy while others feel so forced? Have we done this before?” At the time I had a crush on a girl, way out of my league have you, and those feelings crossed with my esoteric questions brought ‘Eventually’ to life.

You teamed up with producer Mikal Blue – who’s worked with the likes of One Republic and Jason Mraz – what was it like working with him?

Working with Mikal was such an amazing experience. We had teamed up on artist projects prior, where I was simply songwriting or singing harmonies on another track, so the relationship was already established. When I wrote the song, I knew he was the right guy to partner with, because – as you mentioned – he has a great background. Mikal’s knowledge about music is extremely extensive due to the nature of him being older and thus drawing in different influences to supplement my 2020 pop ideas.

Beyond that, Mikal is hands down just an incredible guy. If you ever get the chance to meet him, let alone work with him, there will be an incredible product as a result.

Could you describe your creative process when writing a song for us? Are there some songs harder to write than others? If there is, then what is the reason for that?

I think Ryan Tedder said it best, “There is no ‘Process’”. If you’re focused on making sure the room is perfectly lit or there’s a specific food or whatever, you’re not focused on the song. I’ve taken weeks to write some songs and they turn out terribly, whereas ‘Eventually’ was written in 30 minutes – no joke.

I’ve written in studios, in mansions in the hills and on street corners at 2 am. Honestly, the street corner is probably best (lol), but you just don’t know when/where the idea will come out. But – the one thing I would say for my creative process is that just like practicing any sport – that’s what you have to do: consistently practice. When you are writing every day, of course, you are going to make some not-so-good songs, but that also means you are going to have some gems.

You’re clearly very talented when it comes to music. ‘Eventually’ was very beautifully placed on the piano. At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to be a musician? What was this moment like for you?

Growing up in Indiana, you don’t typically think “I am going to move to LA and be a musician”. The thought process is typically more along the lines of, “Well, what tech company pays the most and how many kids am I going to have” (haha). Oddly enough, when I was in high school, I knew that the ‘corporate life’ wasn’t the end game for me, because the way I felt about it vs music just didn’t compare.

That said, not to disappoint, but there was no specific moment. I just had always known. Over the years, the functional thought of making music a career became more and more solid, and I feel very blessed to be where I am today. Music is a love like I’ve never known.

Could you tell us who your biggest influencers are within the music industry and why?

Some of my biggest influencers In the music industry are: 

Ryan Tedder – he’s a beast, enough said. 

Linkin Park – they are so versatile and their evolution is one of the most amazing processes to continue and make hits. 

John Mayer – his lyrics are a passion for music are riveting.

If a young musician approached you asking advice on how to become a musician, what would your top 3 tips be?

Tough question here, but I like it. Be yourself and make what you love. If you hate what you love now, when you’re performing it in 30 years, you will hate it even more then.

Work with good people. This doesn’t mean connected people or high up people, it means genuinely good people who are talented, know what they are doing, and be a great person.

Work your tail off and have a good time. Don’t forget why you start the journey – bc you love music and you want to share it with people. You want to communicate a message.

Beyond that, you have to be a sponge and continue to learn, because there is truthfully, always someone better. You don’t have to have all the answers, just be curious enough to find them.

Finally, can you tell us of any future plans you might have? What else do you have in store for 2020?

I am currently recording/writing with a few different producers for music this year + have quite a few more songs already ready to go! Lots of music, music videos & learning how to do TikTok haha.

Thank you so much, Jack, for having a chat with us! Show your support by following his TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for more updates. Remember the name Jack Conway because he’s one to look out for!

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