‘Slow Down’: Norwegian Artist Red Moon Asks Us To Reflect On Our Lives With New Single

Pop artist Red Moon has today released her comforting new single ‘Slow Down’. During these uncertain times, Red Moon urges us all to use this opportunity to ‘slow down’ and take a moment for ourselves, to breathe, to make art…all the things we may not usually have time for in the chaos of our day-to-day lives.

She explains,

“In a time like this, it feels more important to enjoy these little moments that we have. That things go in a slower pace might be a beautiful opportunity where we might be able to enjoy our own company, by reading a book, listen to music, or just by staring at our own feet. Maybe by slowing down, we can find out what truly matters and go back to our fast pace life, when things have settled.

Whenever I feel stressed and need to go back to a place where I felt something really beautiful and calm, this song provides that for me. Somehow it has become a mantra or meditation, a safe haven to travel back to, and I hope that others can use it in the same way.”

Following the release of her uplifting debut single ‘Dogma’ last month, this new track introduces a more personal and introspective facet of Red Moon’s artistry. Produced by Askjell, the record explores the idea of people living in constant movement and having barely any time to stop and take in every moment.

Opening with a simple piano melody, ‘Slow Down’ immediately invites the listener to a very vulnerable place where Red Moon opens up about going through life in autopilot. As the track develops, new instrumental elements are introduced to illustrate the feeling of distress caused by constant movement.

On ‘Slow Down’, Red Moon once again showcases her extensive vocal range by the layering of different harmonies throughout the song. The carefully curated pauses allow the audience to take it all in, which ultimately is the original intention of the song. The track culminates with a powerful and heartfelt call to action that initially was meant for herself, but will impact her listeners just as strongly.

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