Rock Band Visitor Are Back With Another Killer Track ‘Apollo Chaos’

Visitor have just released their outstanding new song, ‘Apollo Chaos’ which is their latest single on their forthcoming album.

Visitor’s music can be described as a unique blend of a variety of different music genres. If you’re a fan of; rock, metal, grunge, (and even a hint of Motown), then this is probably a band that you need to check out.

‘Apollo Chaos’ has quite a powerful meaning behind the lyrics. It defines what a conversation may look like after you’ve lost somebody close to you. Everybody wishes they could have one more chance to speak to a loved one that are no longer around. Visitor allows you to envision how that conversation may go.

Guitarist Steve Dombroski describes it as,

“When we lose someone we hold very close to us, it’s common to want to have one more conversation. Apollo Chaos is a journey into what that conversation could look like. A mother asking her daughter if she is satisfied with her life that she has so suddenly lost and that daughter replying to “find your might….you will find a truth” and a reminder to “not blink an eye….look inside'”

A beautiful meaning to an equally beautiful song. Make sure you go and check out the band’s Soundcloud to stream ‘Apollo Chaos’. If you like what you hear, go and follow Visitor on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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