Mike Skill – Founder of The Romantics – Releases Solo Tracks Including “Not My Business”


US musician Mike Skill, founder of pop-rock band The Romantics, has released some of his solo music on Soundcloud.

One of these tracks is the catchy anthem, ‘Not My Business’. Rock fans will enjoy the classic sound of this brand-new single and will have it on repeat for hours. The song was written by Mike himself alongside Brad Elvis (The Romantics & Elvis Brothers) on drums, Grammy Award winner Chuck Alkazian on keyboards/vocals (who also produced the track), guitarist Ricky Rat (Dead Boys & Trash Brats, back-up vocals Rich Cole (the Romantics), and Meridith Lorde. With all these contributions, they were able to successfully make a work of art.

Talking of the single, Mike states that,

“‘Not My Business’ is about someone having everything they need, but throw it all away because at the time they are beyond help.”

Mike is no stranger to the music industry. With 50 years of experience behind him, he is still able to create some incredible songs that every rock fan needs to listen to. ‘Not My Business’ is out now, and be sure to follow Mike and The Romantics on Facebook for more updates.

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