Kris James Is Back With A Tale To Tell… ‘Naïve’

Back with his first song since ‘Get Back to Love’ earned him a spot on a Times Square Billboard, Kris James is back with a tale about the ups and downs of working in show business – ‘Naïve’.

‘Naive’ is the perfect song to tell Kris James’ story – and it’s one hell of a story. His extraordinary tale is that of a fierce musical talent finding his way to the light, a backwards journey from pop stardom towards authenticity as the singer of his own songs.

Self-penned by Kris James himself alongside his co-writer Stewart Boyle, the track was written in James’ hometown of Liverpool and recorded in London at The Cabin in Tileyard. The lyrics truly represent a maturation of James’ sound, showing him to be something of a chameleon when it comes to reinventing himself again and again. Of the track, James himself says that the song is about being in a toxic situation where you don’t realise how badly the other person is treating you until you remove yourself from the situation.

“This is a song for all the survivors out there who end up having the last laugh,” says James, “it’s a song about overcoming adversity!”

James started out singing John Lennon and Frank Sinatra songs in karaoke bars back in his hometown of Liverpool. After years of grafting, joining and leaving bands, and more than his fair share of near misses, James found himself on his own, without the safety net of a band around him. Kris James could have crumbled. Instead, he took the opportunity to rebuild himself from the ground up, and it was only here, when he was forced to strip back the frontman persona and stand on his own, that James found he was really able to begin to shine. ‘Eyes Open’, his first solo effort, crashed into the top 30 and launched his solo career. It’s safe to say he hasn’t looked back since.

‘Naive’ is a carefree meditation on the highs and lows of his journey thus far. It hasn’t always been an easy one, but Kris James remains unfazed in his quest, not to be the biggest star as fast as possible, but to be true to his authentic self, and to have fun while doing so.

‘Naïve’ is released 5th June 2020, with the rest of Kris James’ debut full-length, ‘The Highs and Lows of Love and Life’, following later in the year.

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