New Single ‘Mind And Soul’ By Chynna Lewis Out Now!

Chynna Lewis has recently released her brand new single ‘Mind And Soul’ which is now available to stream through all streaming platforms.

The singer wrote this song in her mid-twenties – telling the story of how she fell in love with a friend of hers. Describing her situation as “in the grey,” she was scared of the rejection, and afraid to tell him how she felt as she didn’t know what he thought of their relationship. After plucking up the courage to finally tell him how she feels, she felt empowered that she was taking her life in to her own hands. She took these feelings and transformed them in to a piece of art that you can listen to.

Highly relatable and easy to listen to, ‘Mind and Soul’ explores the playfulness and the obvious attraction between people – whilst also bearing in mind the deeper feelings beneath the surface that have to be dealt with. In todays society, it’s not easy finding love when all we have is apps and social media to get to know someone. Chynna puts these struggles in to her own words by beautifully describing her own, personal struggles with wanting to find love.

Make sure you check out “Mind And Soul’ which is out now! And follow Chynna on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show your support.

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