Alternative Electronic-Pop Artist Sciarra Releases Single ‘Surrender It All’

Talented alternative pop singer Sciarra is dropping her brand-new single “Surrender It All” on the 31st of March!

The song begins with a 20-second instrumental intro that will sure get you gripped. This is followed by Sciarra’s distinctive vocals. This pattern continues throughout the song keeping you on the edgy of your seat. “Surrender It All” is a song that will most certainly make you feel emotions that you didn’t know you had. It can only be described as creepy but in the most beautiful kind of way.

“This song is about the monster living inside our mind that we are constantly trying to battle. We find ourselves trying to run from it but realize that we have to accept it to keep ourselves moving forward” Sciarra explains. “We all go through dark times feeling sad, angry, or emotional. I want people to know they are never alone in the fight even when they feel like they are the only ones. I hope my songs can have an impact on the person listening no matter what they are feeling that day”

For the last few years, Sciarra has been writing for TV shows – it is here where she fell in love with the cinematic sound. Her music has featured on several TV networks including; Netflix, Freeform and Lifetime. She’s also gained quite a significant following – with over 95,000 followers on Instagram, 114,000 on Tiktok and gaining over 30 million views on the upcoming platform. Sciarra is now in the process of releasing more music in 2020 – and we can’t wait to hear it!

Be sure to stay connected with Sciarra by following her Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and let her know what you think of her new single on release day!

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