The Fizz Set to Release Their Brand New Album ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ on March 6th!

The Fizz – previously known as Bucks Fizz – released their brand new single at the end of January, ready for the release of their new album ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, out on the 6th March!

The band’s new track, ‘Winning Ways’ definitely has that nostalgic sound that old fans will well and truly love, as well as being so ridiculously catchy that it will appeal to anyone willing to listen. The simple, effective, yet hilarious music video to ‘Winning Ways’ is now available to watch:

The Fizz - Winning Ways

After the success of their last album ‘The F-Z of Pop’ – which was released back in 2017 – The Fizz now return with a completely original new album. The previous record shows a mix of old and new songs, whereas ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is filled entirely of new music. The band assure that the album was written specifically with The Fizz in mind. It documents the lives and careers of all members, making it quite a personal album.

The Fizz’s Mike Nolan commented, saying that,

“It’s so great to complete another album with The Fizz. Always a joy and a privilege. Can’t wait to do it all again…”

‘Winning Ways’ is now available to stream through all streaming platforms and – if you like what you hear – ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is available for pre-order here. The Fizz fans will sure be looking forward to hearing what the band have in store!

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