Roslyn Lets Loose With ‘Lolita Express’

Out this week and fresh from pop artist Roslyn is ‘Lolita Express,’ a track that has landed via the flourishing label SALMIAK. In what is clearly a highly personal record, you can hear several different influences and musical inspiration shining through the mix – and it makes for a stunning complete listen.

Discussing it, Roslyn says:

“‘Lolita Express’ is a lullaby written by a survivor of abuse unfazed by her encounter. Her emotions feel like advertisements, so she makes fun of her own victimhood through lofty melodic techno, inspired by the alternative music she grew up on.”

Her vocals consistently provide soft, lingering presence, whilst there is a progressive melody that adds further texture as it develops.

You can listen to Roslyn’s ‘Lolita Express’ below.

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